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Application to the market of Hornbore Ting 2024 is open!. As always below Hornbore castle rock. This year it is held the August 2 – 4.

You will find the application at the bottom of this page. Last date for application is Juli 9.

Practical details

The market is open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Sunday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be activities at the market area throughout week, so if you want to come earlier, you are welcome to do so!

For those who have not visited us before, the Hornbore Ting is located about 2 km south of Hamburgsund about 120 km north of Gothenburg up on the West-coast.

Friday and Saturday we serve breakfast and Sunday evening you will be served a festive meal.  To participate in this feast you must be registered beforehand and perform on the market at Hornbore Ting either as a trader or as a volunteer. Our volunteers receive a soup lunch, but this is not available for traders. However, there is food available for purchase in the marketplace. Vegetarian options are available. People with allergies must arrange their own food as we are, unfortunately, not able to offer alternative dishes.

There is no charge for entry to our market

A membership is required, however. A family membership to Hornbore Ting is 200 SEK and an individual membership is 100 SEK. Please make a deposit into our bank account 5883-3104 or Swish to 1232695831. Make sure to give your name, address and email address when you make your payment.

Help us create a fantastic market

Our audience is the most important thing we have! It is, therefore, our joint responsibility to make Hornbore Ting a great experience to all our visitors; as well as to ourselves.

We hope that you are just as excited about contributing to Hornbore Ting as we are. We belive that historical authenticity is of great importance to create a market as genuine as Hornbore Ting. If we turn to you with questions during the market, we hope you see it as a way to learn from each other and a sign of our ambition to make our market as fun as possible.

We appreciate our visitors’ comments on our assortment and work hard to continuously improve what we sell at Hornbore Ting. Please help us by offering historically accurate products. Products that do not fit our market will be removed.

Your products may not
* Contain plastic
* Be made of plywood or the like
* Be excessively garish in color (show evidence that they were not plant dyed)

For the convenience of us all, those who have not visited our market before, please send us some photos of your products, your outfits and tents, if possible.

We also want you to help us by
* Not having modern things visible in your tent or trade stalls
* Using leather/bark etc. for pricing
* Keep your beverage in contemporary mugs

If you don’t receive confirmation within 7 days, please contact us via

 Welcome to Hornbore Ting!

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